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Core Drilling Services - Brisbane and Mackay

Are you looking for core drilling services in the Brisbane and Mackay area? Do you have commercial construction site with a timeline that seems almost impossible? You’re in luck! You can count on Big Cut Sawing and Drilling to get the project done and delivered on time. We know that the success of your project is only as good as what we provide for you.

This unparalleled customer satisfaction is what drives us to stay budget and schedule for each project. To do so, we use a comprehensive job assessment. We survey the job site, techniques, schedule and equipment to reduce potential safety hazards. We utilize updated and appropriate equipment for each concrete procedure. We know that each job site is unique and we ensure that potential site hazards are identified and minimized to the best of our ability. This type of detailed customer service approach ensures the timely delivery of all of the core drilling projects we start. Our qualified Brisbane and Mackay staff will work alongside you to make sure that all the industry safety standards are adhered to on site. This type of attention to detail reduces job progress and timeline delays.

Core drilling in Brisbane and Mackay

We offer a wide range of core drilling services. The two popular industry standard options for core drilling are electric and hydraulic. We use the proper and latest equipment to ensure precise measurements and cuts each time. Our highly trained and skilled staff make sure you get the right core drilling service for the expected outcome. We make sure there are no surprises and our consultants will ensure you get a quality cut the first time. At Big Cut Sawing & Drilling, we can offer that because we use technologically advanced equipment. We can core drill any size diameter to unlimited depths to suit the requirements of your project. These details are important so your subcontractors like electricians and plumbers can get in the space and get their work done. This precision is another way we save you money and get your projects completed on time.

Why Use Big Cut Sawing & Drilling in Brisbane and Mackay?

From core drilling services in Brisbane and Mackay, to hand sawing services in the Victoria area, we deliver on all of our promises. When you deal with Big Cut Sawing & Drilling you know you’re getting the best. We provide a wide variety of concrete drilling and cutting services including core drilling and demolitions. We are proud to have a team of specialists with a combined excess of 25 years of experience in the Brisbane and Mackay areas. Our aim is to provide our customers with service, advise and satisfaction in what we do best.

We are safe, reliable and offer a competitive price. From concrete wall and wire sawing to drilling and concrete demolition, we do it all. Our exemplary customer service is well known and our rate the most economical in the business. What could be better than that? Call us on 0477 222 033 or send an email to to see how we can assist you.

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