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Big Cut Sawing & Drilling Provides Full-Service Commercial And Industrial Concrete Coring In Melbourne

Core drilling delivers accurate and precise results for professionals working in skilled-trade fields. Due to the time-sensitive nature of commercial and residential needs, Big Cut Sawing & Drilling prides itself on offering same-day service in the Melbourne metropolitan region, which allows it to cooperate successfully with other local and industrial companies. Projects on strict time frames can rely on Big Cut Sawing & Drilling to produce the fastest, most reliable results. And thanks to the personalised approach Big Cut brings to every one of its projects, every job is tailor-made to suit the client’s needs, budget and expectations.

Providing Concrete Coring Throughout Melbourne And Victoria For Over 25 Years

For coring to meet the expectations and precision required by serious industrial and commercial jobs, a concrete coring company must have the latest in technologically advanced equipment and the most experienced and skilled team of operators. The company is forward thinking. It makes investments in equipment that will prove invaluable to anyone in need of specialized concrete coring in Melbourne or Victoria. Because sometimes a project requires extensive work before core drilling is possible. This is especially true of commercial and industrial concrete coring. Big Cut Sawing & Drilling is prepared to handle all types of concrete cutting, sawing, scanning, and even concrete removal and demolition, if necessary. Multi-phase projects are where Big Cut excels and where its diverse team of operators and state-of-the-art equipment makes them the full-service package in commercial concrete coring in Melbourne.

Big Cut Sawing & Drilling: At The Forefront Of Concrete Coring Machinery And Equipment

Big Cut Sawing & Drilling’s 25 years of experience have allowed it to develop confined-space certified operators. These specialists, combined with both electric and hydraulic core drilling equipment, can handle any job, regardless of size, difficulty or location. Big Cut Sawing & Drilling can drill holes from 16mm to 1 metre in diameter. Further, Big Cut is prepared to undertake coring cuts at unlimited depths. Big Cut Sawing & Drilling has been approaching projects with the belief that there is no problem that cannot be solved. If you have a project you want completed, but think it may be too difficult, let Big Cut Sawing & Drilling devise an expert, personalised solution. Whatever your requirements are, Big Cut Sawing & Drilling has what it takes to suit your needs.

Industrial concrete coring in Melbourne has presented Big Cut Sawing & Drilling with a diverse range of projects over the years. They have undertaken coring projects where they have been required to drill vertically, horizontally, at angles and on inverted surfaces. There has yet to be an architect who has stumped Big Cut Sawing & Drilling. Whether you’re an electrician, plumber, industrial or commercial developer, Big Cut Sawing & Drilling is committed to serving its community and country with industry leading professionalism, reliability and a relentless desire to maintain a perfect record of customer service.

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