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No Power? No Problem. All Commercial Concrete Wall Sawing In Melbourne Is Handled By Big Cut Sawing & Drilling

When commercial clients need heavy-duty wall sawing in Melbourne, chances are they are not going to have a power supply that can handle today’s advanced machinery. Fortunately for Melbourne, Big Cut Sawing & Drilling can provide power even when power is not available, thanks to its fleet of 9 and 65 KVA generators. But these 1250kg machines haven’t stopped Big Cut Sawing & Drilling from providing fast, safe and reliable same-day service to the Melbourne metropolitan area for over 25 years.

Portable, On-Demand Power For Commercial Wall Sawing In Melbourne

Concrete wall sawing, especially on a commercial scale, requires tremendous amounts of dependable energy. This is because the equipment Big Cut Sawing & Drilling invests in is the latest and most technologically advanced. Big Cut Sawing & Drilling is not willing to sacrifice quality machinery just because they require state-of-the-art generators. This is a testament to the company’s willingness to continually invest in the best technology available, confident that the results will speak for themselves. And they do. Big Cut Sawing & Drilling expanded to serve Victoria in 2001 and has been providing portable power to special concrete projects across Australia since 2005.

All the power you need for concrete wall sawing in Melbourne

Commercial concrete sawing in Melbourne has continued to evolve to the incredible stage it is at today. Big Cut Sawing & Drilling invests in track mounted, remote controlled wall sawing operating systems. Able to cut through depths of up to 800mm of heavily reinforced concrete, it’s hard to imagine a commercial wall sawing project in Melbourne that the professionals at Big Cut Sawing & Drilling can’t handle. But depth isn’t the only advantage track mounted saws bring to the table.

They easily cut through vertical, horizontal, inverted, stepped and uneven wall surfaces. The remote-controlled nature of the saws also allows Big Cut’s expert operators to safely make the best and most efficient cuts. Seasoned professionals and technology at the forefront of the industry is why Big Cut Sawing & Drilling has a flawless sawing safety record.

No power? No problem. Big Cut Sawing & Drilling transports its 9 and 65 KVA generators wherever they are needed. With over 80 BHP of on-demand power, even remote locations and in-progress construction sites can enjoy world-class service and precision cuts. Commercial wall sawing in Melbourne has been revolutionised by Big Cut Sawing & Drilling’s extensive stock of equipment, same-day service and commitment to complete customer satisfaction.

With over 25 years working within the residential, commercial, industrial and civil industries, Big Cut Sawing & Drilling realises that not only are happy clients the key to their success, but also that there is no sawing problem that cannot be solved. They have confined-space qualified operators who have achieved full insurance. They have built their reputation on their ability to maintain strict time frames and budgets. They assess every project individually and cater to every client’s needs, allowing them to offer personalised concrete sawing in Melbourne at a competitive price. Whether it’s about the best equipment or the best professionals in the industry, Melbourne’s own Big Cut Sawing & Drilling is the complete, tried and true package.

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