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Wire Sawing Melbourne

concrete wire sawBig Cut Sawing are the concrete wire sawing Melbourne experts. Call today to talk with an expert and discuss your project requirements. Save time and save money, guaranteed. For example, the removal of large heavily reinforced concrete structures, use the wire sawing Melbourne experts. For instance, utilised for the likes of concrete columns and piers. On the other hand, capping beams, foundations and bridges.

In other words, bored piers, thick walls, capping beams and many complex structures both in steel and heavily reinforced concrete. Concrete wire sawing Melbourne depths are unlimited. We provide a unique technology using a multi-strand diamond cable. This is feed through a series of pulleys to produce a continuous looped cut. Wire sawing Melbourne produces little to no vibration with extremely low noise volumes. Most importantly it’s well suited for confined spaces. Dry cutting can be achieved if water slurry is a concern. FIND OUT MORE

Providing Fast, Reliable And Innovative Wire Sawing Services Throughout Victoria

Our range of services available to Melbourne and Victoria is vast and specialised. Additionally, our goals remain constant, provide our customers with the best quality service possible. Our customer satisfaction is paramount. Unlike our competitors, we have the experience, knowledge and technologically advanced sawing equipment available. We gladly accept any job no matter how big or how small. Call today too talk with an expert and discuss your concrete wire sawing Melbourne project requirements. 

Wire cutting is a simple but efficient process for cutting through large sections of reinforced concrete, bridges, towers, and steel structures. Simply put, it is very useful for removing large concrete structures. It is commonly used in challenging conditions where the workspace is confined and narrow. FIND OUT MORE

Concrete Wire Sawing Techniques 

Wire sawing refers to a concrete cutting method that uses a diamond impregnated cable of wire to cut through concrete. Firstly, the wire is placed either through or around the object to be cut. Secondly, the wire is then feed through a series of directional pulleys. Thirdly, the wire is applied to the primary unit and in conclusion tension is applied to the wire across the surface to be cut. 

This application is well suited where vibrations or noise from the more traditional concrete cutting and demolition methods are not permitted. Concrete wire sawing Melbourne allows for the cutting of very thick, large, or complex structures using a series of pulleys and an endless loop of cable. Cutting through concrete of virtually unlimited thickness can be achieved with precise results. Cuts are very clean and accurate, providing an efficient process for cutting through mass concrete structures. Therefore such machinery can be used for unlimited applications. 

Concrete Wire Sawing Applications

Many of our clients require concrete wire sawing Melbourne services at some point within their commercial or industrial project. In addition, this also will be required within a residential renovation or moreover a civil construction project. Here are a variety of applications where wire sawing Melbourne can be used: Underwater Cutting, Column and Pile Removal and Arch Door Openings. Additionally, Demolition of large Concrete Structures such as Beams, Towers, Dams, etc, Cutting concrete of virtually unlimited thickness and Structural and foundation modifications.  

A Versatile Concrete Cutting Method

wire sawing melbourneWe are capable of a particularly effective technic of concrete cutting within a tight, confined spaces or where it would be unfeasible to use larger machinery. The company understands that customisation is of utmost importance and always ensure that we meet all the customer requirements. Concrete wire sawing Melbourne allows for highly controlled demolition and ensures the safety of the operating technician due to its ability to be operated outside the user’s immediate space. With wire sawing, cuts can be made in various directions using wires of varying size and length and ensure minimal damage to surrounding structures. 

The diamond wire used in for concrete wire sawing Melbourne can be of virtually any length, width, and cutting depth, which means that modern wire sawing technology offers almost limitless possibilities. It is due to this reason that wire sawing Melbourne is used where other cutting methods are impractical. 

Benefits of Wire Sawing With Big Cut Sawing

Quiet: Our wire sawing produces less noise pollution compared to other concrete cutting methods, which makes it ideal in housing environments or for work being done at late hours since it is less likely to cause a disturbance to other people in the area. 

Precision Cutting: The cable/wire we use in wire sawing is guided through the cross-section of the target object using drill holes, which means that cuts are precise to the size and shape specified. Since the wire is more flexible and narrower compared to standard ring saws, cuts can be completed more precisely.

Clean to Use: Wire cutting produces less dust compared to other concrete cutting methods since it works through abrasion and uses water as a lubricant, which makes the process smoother and easier and means that there’s less mess to be cleaned up afterwards.

Quick: Concrete wire sawing Melbourne is operated entirely by a motor that works at a fast and at varying speeds that no other concrete cutting machine can match. For instance the delivery of a completed cut is much faster. In other words, the diamond wire can achieve speeds of 15 metres per second.

Can be Used in Restricted Spaces: Concrete wire sawing Melbourne machines are typically more flexible in their use since they require less space to operate and because the equipment is not operated manually, it is perfect for jobs and job sites that cannot be accessed by workers with ring or wall saws.

Deep Cuts: Wire sawing allows for a virtually unlimited range for cutting

Increased Safety: Our machinery is operated autonomously via remote control, which means that there’s less likelihood of incidents accidents involving the operator. FIND OUT MORE

Benefits Of Choosing Big Cut Sawing For Your Sawing Requirements


Our technicians receive specialised training in wire sawing machinery and techniques. Engaging only highly qualified industry professionals and maintain safe work conditions always to ensure compliance with the industry standards. In all that we do, our aim is to surpass the highest standards of quality and workmanship through the timely and efficient methods we employ.


In other words, he primary goal is to achieve client satisfaction through quality service delivery. We aim to ensure client satisfaction by meeting and even surpassing all the requirements of our clients. To achieve this, we ensure that all our employees have the right skills and experience and we provide them with the right tools to fulfil these goals.


Always delivering on our promises and take pride in our work. We always identify and address all the health and safety issues on all our job sites. We ensure that all necessary control measures are in place before work commences. In addition, all our employees understand their role in ensuring that the work environment is safe.


Big Cut Sawing Has You Covered With Concrete Wire Sawing

We are your trusted source for precise concrete wire sawing Melbourne. To receive an estimate on your concrete wire sawing Melbourne project, call today or fill out the form provided. One of our expert consultants will be in touch with you promptly. Let it be known, we are truly looking forward to working with you.

 In short, wire sawing services are provided all throughout Victoria and Tasmania. 


Wire Sawing

Wire Sawing Melbourne
Wire Sawing Melbourne
Wire Sawing Melbourne
Wire Sawing Melbourne
Wire Sawing Melbourne
Wire Sawing Melbourne
Wire Sawing Melbourne
Wire Sawing Melbourne
Wire Sawing Melbourne
Wire Sawing Melbourne
Wire Sawing Melbourne

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