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Concrete Removal Melbourne

Big Cut Sawing are the concrete removal Melbourne experts. Call today too talk with the experts and discuss your project requirements. Save time and save money guaranteed. For fast, cheap and reliable concrete removal Melbourne, whatever your requirements maybe. As a result there is no limit too the capabilities which include the removal of bridges and mass concrete structures. Similarly services include doorway & window openings.

Moreover, suspended slabs, swimming pools, tennis courts and bank vaults. For concrete removal all throughout Melbourne the company has the advanced sawing experience and capabilities to meet the demands of any project. Being a fully licensed and ISO certified company providing solutions to the industrial and commercial industries. FIND OUT MORE



The Experts In Concrete Demolition And Removal

Concrete removal Melbourne is an essential part of beautifying your home. Concrete removal could include things such as swimming pool removal, a concrete driveway, concrete pavement and slabs, walkways, and even old foundations in and around your home. In fact, it can improve the quality of your home as well as the comfort of its residents. You need a concrete specialist in Melbourne for the complete demolition and removal of concrete structures in your Melbourne home. Smaller spaces can be easily opened up to create large areas of your home and property. Whatever your concrete removal requirements are, Big Cut Sawing can help you achieve your goals at an affordable price. That is why you need to call our expert technicians for all your concrete removal needs in Melbourne.

We take extra precautions to ensure that the surrounding structures are not damaged during the concrete cutting and concrete removal process. In fact, it is a highly specialised job where you need an expert service provider to handle the task. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians will take all the precautions to protect your property while removing or cutting concrete. We take time to install protection for your windows and floors and the surrounds every time we work on a project. That is why you need to call us for all your concrete cutting and concrete removal projects. FIND OUT MORE

Professional Concrete Removal

Having a highly specialised and experienced team of professional concrete cutters. They have decades of combined experience in concrete cutting and concrete removal. Our highly skilled team services the commercial, industrial, civil, mining, marine and residential industries. With highly advanced equipment and the capacity to handle any size, anywhere at anytime, call today and talk with the experts.

Our expert team handles concrete removal Melbourne jobs of varying sizes – ranging from small residential projects to mega commercial concrete removal Melbourne projects. We use some of the most advanced concrete cutting tools in the industry. In fact, our concrete cutting tools range from petrol, hydraulic to electrically driven hand saws and road saws to complete any size of concrete cutting project. We cut the concrete into manageable sizes so that they can be moved by our fleet of machinery, either a bobcat, forklift, excavator or if required, manually.

The concrete slurry is vacuumed up and the site is completely cleaned afterwards. We take pride in being regarded as an environmentally-friendly concrete removal Melbourne company. We have all waste concrete recycled to reduce the impact on landfill. This way we reduce the damage to the environment in the process. We are always conscious of the environment and will complete your project efficiently and at reasonable prices. That is why you need to call our expert team to handle all your concrete removal Melbourne requirements. FIND OUT MORE

Concrete Removal Experts

Big Cut Sawing will go the extra mile in order to ensure that you get the quality service that you deserve. We offer a highly personalised service to match your particular needs and budget. That is why you should be calling our expert team for all your concrete removing and cutting needs in Melbourne. All our clients are important to us and we strive to give 200% of every job we undertake. In fact, we take pride in our work and deliver on all of our promises. Our team will adhere to the latest health and safety regulations and hazard risks when working on your project. All the appropriate control measures will be put into place in order to eliminate all risks involved in the process. All our employees understand their roles in making your project safe and secure.

Big Cut Sawing provides client satisfaction through the delivery of quality and safe services at all times. We aim to meet and surpass all of our clients‘ requirements in this regard. Our staff has the necessary skills, experience, technology, and equipment to perform an excellent job at all times. We have been operating in the area for a long time. Having a high level of insurance ensures clients are protected from any misfortunes should this be encountered. FIND OUT MORE

The Best Contractor in Melbourne

Firstly, when you call us for any size of concrete slab waste removal Melbourne project, we will send a qualified and experienced technician to inspect the project and provide consultation and a competitive quotation. Secondly, our consultant will take into account the thickness and size of the concrete to be removed. Thirdly, the accessibility of the work area is also crucial in this regard. We consider whether the work should be done in close quarters before quoting you. The work is done during normal working hours. But our team is willing to do overtime work for projects that are time sensitive. Furthermore, this is why you need to call the experts for all your concrete removal Melbourne work.

With over 30 years of industry experience, we pride ourselves on supplying industrial concrete removal Melbourne to the metro region with reliable and affordable same-day service. Beginning in 2001, the company’s growing reputation allowed it to undertake projects that expanded its services throughout Victoria and Tasmania.


The Best Source For Concrete Removal in Melbourne

Concrete slab waste removal in Melbourne is not for the faint of heart. In other words, Big Cut Sawing are the experts providing experienced operators who can handle commercial, residential, industrial and even civil projects. Our professionals are the heart and soul of every operation. They go the extra mile. They give 200 percent. They are honest craftsmen who do not believe in excuses. They know only one thing, client satisfaction. 

An incredible team needs incredible equipment it can rely on, which is why Big Cut Sawing only uses the most technologically advanced equipment on every commercial and industrial project, regardless of location, size or difficulty. Trucks, excavators, bobcats, scissor lifts, scaffolding and various sizes of generators are all vital components of the Big Cut Sawing fleet.

If you don’t have power or are far from an electrical source, that’s not a problem. 9 and 65 KVA generators enable Big Cut Sawing to provide power even when power is not available. And this says nothing of the latest saw concrete cutting and core drilling machinery. But the combination of world-class expertise and equipment is only the beginning of what distinguishes Big Cut Sawing. FIND OUT MORE

Commercial and Industrial Concrete Removal in Melbourne

From wall cutting to core drilling, and from sawing to scanning work, there is no concrete problem that cannot be solved. Furthermore, there is no problem than cannot be solved within the strictest time frames and budgets, whether it’s a cutting out doorways in Melbourne or boring one-metre holes in Victoria. The company is passionate about its role in the community and offers nothing but the safest and most reliable service, all while creating affordable and personalised solutions.

Big Cut Sawing realises that happy, satisfied clients are the key to success. While world-class equipment gets the job done, it’s the people who matter most. The company has not flourished for 25 years because it leaves clients unsatisfied. The company has flourished because it provides an unparalleled level of customer service, reliability and professionalism. The company has flourished because it takes the time to understand every client’s needs, to evaluate every possible option and to implement the best plan for every occasion.

Big Cut Sawing simply offers the best commercial concrete cutting in Melbourne and Victoria. It has a local tradition, forward-thinking management, all-star operators, state of the art equipment and an unrelenting desire to over-achieve. It has always been about more than cutting concrete. Big Cut Sawing has always tried – and succeeded – at making Melbourne proud. Concrete removal Melbourne and Concrete suspended slab sawing Melbourne

Civil And Domestic Contractor in Melbourne

There are some projects in construction where an innovative engineer can make due without expensive equipment or a seasoned team of operators. But there are other projects that require the services from an industry experienced team of specialised operators and highly advanced concrete cutting machinery. Fortunately for concrete removal Melbourne and concrete cutting Melbourne, the answer is Big Cut Sawing.

We have been servicing the Melbourne metropolitan region for over 30 years. When your needing to cut through very thick concrete, you’re very likely needing wire sawing. Industrial, commercial, civil and even residential projects all require wire sawing Melbourne at some point in time. For example some projects include bridge and pier demolition, foundation cutting, mass concrete structures with heavily reinforced concrete. These projects cannot be handled by anything other than a professional. Most importantly, we can cut any concrete structure to unlimited depths, anytime and anywhere. FIND OUT MORE

The wire sawing is accomplished using the most technologically advanced equipment. Wire sawing is also the most efficient way to remove large, commercial concrete structures. Big Cut’s wire saws utilise a multi-strand diamond cable that is run through a series of heavy-duty pulleys. This creates a continuously looped sawing action, with little to no vibration, extremely low noise volumes, and the ability to handle wet locations where water slurry is a concern.

The Ultimate Concrete Removal Company

For instance the company has a wealth of experience in concrete removal and demolition. Servicing for over 30 year the industrial and commercial sectors of concrete removal Melbourne. In addition we service the residential and civil sector of the building and construction industries. For example the removal of internal walls, commercial renovations, removal of structural foundations, internal strip outs. Additionally bank vaults, staircases, tennis courts and swimming pool removal. If it’s in your way, we will remove it.

Concrete suspended slab sawing Melbourne is one of the most common practices. Providing suspended concrete slab sawing inside buildings and bridge decks. Furthermore, thick concrete roads and pavements that require removal is a service provided by us for over 30 years. Road sawing enables the fastest, most reliable, cost effective and safest concrete removal Melbourne option. Of course, some projects require equipment in addition and separately to road saws. With electric and hydraulic bursting, hammering and removal devices, any concrete demolition requirements can and will be delivered, on time and within your budget. FIND OUT MORE

Be Wise, We Specialise

With any construction project, safety is a concern. This is why we employee specialists who have confined-space certification and OH&S authority. No project is too big or too small, and we cut them all. The company prides itself on believing there is no problem that cannot be solved. Clients throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area enjoy our same-day service, and in the past 20 years we have been engaged on projects throughout Victoria and Tasmania. For cheap, fast, safe and reliable services at a competitive price, we are Melbourne’s preferred choice for a personalised solutions.

Any Size, Anywhere, Anytime

Concrete Removal Melbourne
Concrete Removal Melbourne
Concrete Removal Melbourne
Concrete Removal Melbourne
Concrete Removal Melbourne


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