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Concrete Demolition Melbourne

concrete demolition melbourneBig Cut Sawing are the expert concrete demolition Melbourne contractors. Call today too talk with an expert and discuss your project requirements. Having a broad range of experience in concrete demolition Melbourne for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

A concrete demolition job can be very demanding, and is best left to a professional. All projects demand prompt, reliable concrete demolition Melbourne. We have the innovation and specialised equipment to meet these demands of all our current and future clients. Based in Melbourne, the company has over 30 years of experience in the industry providing services throughout Victoria. Fully licensed ISO 9001 and insured company, providing a wide range of concrete removal and concrete demolition Melbourne services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

Concrete Demolition Services Include:

  • Bridge Decks
  • Wharf Rehabilitation
  • Swimming Pool
  • Bank Vaults
  • Tennis Courts
  • Staircases
  • Removal of internal Walls
  • Removal of Internal Floors
  • Strip Outs
  • Commercial Renovations

Simplify Your Demolition Project

Certainly we have completed multiple projects involving concrete demolition Melbourne. Without a doubt to complete such projects successfully requires a team of knowledge and experience together with the appropriate machinery. The company utilises the latest in technology and are experts in hydraulic bursting and controlled demolition.

Drilling a series of holes through a wall or floor is the first step. Moreover, once the structure is completely demolished, the concrete can be removed from the site. This is especially for swimming pool removal, tennis court removal, and for the removal of concrete walls and bank vaults. These are the types of projects that are better left to professionals.

Concrete  Demolition Provided By The Experts

In the same fashion we also provide an extensive range of core drilling services. Although deep and large diametre drilling is available. In addition we have the most technologically advanced equipment in the industry. The company can provide core drilling for all types of projects throughout Melbourne. Core holes are necessary for a variety of commercial and industrial projects. Electricians and plumbers, need certain size core holes drilled through concrete structures to complete the installation of their electrical and plumbing systems.

The experts at Big Cut Sawing can core drill holes at any size diameter to meet the needs of a project. The core holes can be drilled to unlimited depths as well. The holes are drilled precisely and can be done at a variety of angles, vertically, or horizontally. Clients can have core holes drilled to any size, anywhere, anytime.

Advanced sawing and drilling equipment for concrete core drilling, concrete demolition and concrete removal is an essential requirement in this industry. We have a team of highly trained and experienced operators that are capable of using the types of machinery necessary to get these jobs done. The powerful equipment used in concrete cutting and drilling takes a great deal of skill to operate.

The Demolition Solution For Melbourne

The team at Big Cut Sawing is very respectful of clients’ time and money. The company will work within the parameters of deadlines and budgets. The operators at the company are true professionals and aim to provide the type of service that one deserves and expects. When you are searching for honest, reliable, quality concrete removal in Melbourne at affordable prices, contact the area’s best. Call today to talk with an expert and discuss your project requirements.

Any size, Anywhere, Anytime. That’s the Big Cut Sawing approached, every single one of its projects for the last 30 years. We pride ourselves on expanding its offerings from throughout Victoria and Tasmania with selected projects across Australia.

The Best Same-Day Demolition In Melbourne

The largest, toughest projects find Big Cut Sawing right at home, but there is also no project too small for their world-class team of operators. After a thorough assessment of every concrete project, Big Cut Sawing devises and implements the safest, fastest and most effective plan. Even the tightest, most confined spaces are handled with a combination of professionalism and technologically advanced equipment.

State of the art hand saws are available in 3-phase and hydraulic settings for projects that would be otherwise inaccessible. But Big Cut Sawing is prepared for every kind of concrete cutter in Melbourne. For larger undertakings, such as window and doorway cutter projects, Big Cut can employ ring saws to cut at a depth of up to 150mm. For large-scale, detailed cutter jobs with no over-cuts, ingenious chain saws get the job done at depths of up to a staggering 400mm.

But it doesn’t end there. For the biggest, most specialised deep cutting projects, Big Cut Sawing has a convoy of track mounted, remote controlled Wall Sawing operating systems. These technological marvels can bore through 800mm of heavily reinforced concrete. It doesn’t matter if the surface is vertical, horizontal, inverted, uneven or covered in staircases. The Wall Saw operating system makes these concrete cutter projects a safe and simple task.


The Commercial Team For Your Project

Unquestionably taking our expertise to an even higher level. They can handle commercial, industrial, residential and civil projects of enormous proportions thanks to their investments in the most innovative machinery available. Our incredible machines are the most efficient ways yet developed to remove truly large-scale concrete structures. There is literally no project too big for this Melbourne-based company. FIND OUT MORE

Foundations, bridges, piers, thick walls and even complex concrete structures reinforced with heavy steel are all part of a day’s work. The beauty of the Wire Saw is its potential to cut at unlimited depths, which means no obstacle is too deep, too wide or too unwieldy. This is made possible by the revolutionary wire saw technology that uses a multi-strand diamond cable. When combined with a series of heavy-duty pulleys, the Wire Saw is able to produce a continuously looped cutting device. Producing little to no vibration and extremely low-decibel noise volumes. This enables the saw to be well suited to dry conditions when water within the work space can be a problematic.

The most valuable asset is team and its devotion to customer service and satisfaction. Projects are not complete until the client’s needs have been met and exceeded. This is the definitive choice for a commercial concrete cutter in Melbourne.

Melbourne’s Demolition Solution

Having a team of operators and specialists. Competent, experienced, certified and innovative. Further more, their understanding and appreciation of customer service is paramount. Customer satisfaction equals employee satisfaction. Being transparent is mandatory and feedback is encouraged. The company is constantly improving its famous, personalised approach to every project. If there is always ways to improve and grow.

Being committed to providing the best concrete demolition in Melbourne. For over 30 years, we have strived to reinforce our position as the industry leaders in quality and customer service. FIND OUT MORE

Dedicated To Supplying The Best Service in Melbourne

In addition, the biggest concerns of commercial concrete demolition in Melbourne is power. By power, we mean electricity. Every project looks easy when you’re walking the ground the scouting the work. But this is where inexperienced companies run into trouble. Fortunately, we are equipped with a complete fleet of technologically advanced equipment. Do your commercial walls need to be cut. Big Cut can do it. The  sawing capabilities can cut to unlimited depths. Power is not available, Big Cut can bring one of its generators to provide all of the portable power you would ever need. At the end of the day, the most experienced and professional full-service concrete demolition in Melbourne you can rely on.


Concrete Demolition Melbourne
Concrete Demolition Melbourne
Concrete Demolition Melbourne
Concrete Demolition Melbourne
Concrete Demolition Melbourne

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