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How Do You Reduce Silica Dust In The Environment?

Dust ControlWhen you’re concrete cutting in Melbourne, silica dust exposure is a huge environmental hazard. This particular silica dust is a serious health hazard and concern especially when the correct safety equipment, PPE, is not being worn and or the necessary precautions are not being taken into account. That is to say, too minimise silica dust exposure when cutting and core drilling concrete the use of respirators and dust masks are paramount when concrete cutting and drilling concrete and must be worn at all times. However, there are other strategies that can protect us against such dusty hazards to help foster a safe working environment for all. Moreover other strategies can be implemented such as:

  • Use running pressurised water at the point of contact to dampen the concrete whilst sawing
  • Clean up the waste by product as you are cutting with water 
  • Cover surfaces and enclosing areas within the working zone with plastic before cutting 

Use Water On Silica Dust Whilst Sawing Concrete

Water SuppressionUsing water on the blade whilst sawing concrete is most efficient way to eliminate silica dust from entering the atmosphere. Water is the best defence that can filter and prevent excessive silica dust from entering the atmosphere. This will ultimately prevent dust from entering your lungs or irritating your eyes. 


Cleaning The By Product Of Silica Dust And Water

Slurry ControlCleaning up as you go means not leaving any debris on your work surface or floor for later. These piles will collect even more loose dirt particles with time, which could lead to a much messier workplace than you think. Concrete cutting can cause dust to fly around, but don’t leave any debris on your work surface or floor for later. Throw out the rubbish and sweep up all of the loose bits before starting a project so that you minimise clean up afterwards.

Cover Surfaces Within The Work Zone Before Cutting 

Protective MeasuresCovering your workspace with plastic is an excellent way to prevent silica dust and silica particles from entering the environment. This will also help prevent your workspace and those within the workspace from any hazards associated with loose concrete particles. Additionally ​​putting laying down boards and cardboard along with installing plastic sheeting before commencement of the concrete cutting is a fantastic idea.

Too Summarise

Silica DustSilica dust produced in concrete cutting is hazardous both to our health and the environment. The best way to minimise dust includes using water and cleaning up as you go. With this in mind, you should be able to efficiently eliminate silica dust whilst concrete cutting throughout Melbourne.


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