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Big Cut Sawing & Drilling Specialises In Concrete Core Drilling And Concrete Removal In Melbourne

A concrete demolition job can be very demanding, and is best left to professionals. The same can be said for concrete core drilling on Melbourne area projects. When your project demands prompt, reliable concrete cutting, drilling, or demolition work, call the area’s specialists – Big Cut Sawing & Drilling. Based in Melbourne, the company has over 25 years of experience in the industry and has been servicing Victoria for a decade. Fully licensed and insured, the company provides a wide range of concrete removal and demolition services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

Simplify Your Concrete Removal Project

Big Cut Sawing & Drilling has completed thousands of projects involving concrete demolition. To complete the job, proper tools are a necessity. The company utilises the latest in technology and are experts in hydraulic bursting, a form of controlled demolition. Drilling a series of holes through a wall or floor is the first step. A hydraulic burster is then used to force the concrete to crack. Once the structure is completely demolished, the concrete can be removed from the site. Big Cut Sawing & Drilling has performed this type of service for swimming pool removal, tennis court removal, and for the removal of concrete walls. These are the types of projects that are better left to professionals.

The Concrete Core Drilling Experts

Big Cut Sawing & Drilling also provides an extensive range of core drilling services. Using the most technologically advanced equipment in the industry, the company can provide core drilling for all types of projects in Melbourne and select projects throughout Australia. Core holes are necessary for a variety of commercial and industrial projects. Electricians and plumbers, need certain size core holes drilled through concrete structures to complete the installation of their electrical and plumbing systems.

The experts at Big Cut Sawing & Drilling can core drill holes at any size diameter to meet the needs of a project. The core holes can be drilled to unlimited depths as well. The holes are drilled precisely and can be done at a variety of angles, vertically, or horizontally. Clients can have core holes drilled to any size, anywhere, anytime.

The Big Cut Sawing & Drilling Team Concrete core drilling, demolition, and removal requires a number of different pieces of equipment. Big Cut Sawing & Drilling has a team of highly trained and experienced operators that are capable of using the types of machinery necessary to get these jobs done. The powerful equipment used in concrete cutting and drilling takes a great deal of skill to operate.

The team at Big Cut Sawing & Drilling is very respectful of clients’ time and money. The company will work within the parameters of deadlines and budgets. The operators at the company are true professionals and aim to provide the type of service that one deserves and expects. When you are searching for honest, reliable, quality concrete removal in Melbourne at affordable prices, contact the area’s best. Call Big Cut Sawing & Drilling at 0409 066 660. You can also learn more about the company by visiting its website,

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