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Concrete Drilling Melbourne

Big Cut Sawing are the concrete drilling Melbourne experts. Committed to being the best and providing the best concrete drilling in Melbourne. For over 30 years, Big Cut Sawing has strived to reinforce its position as the industry leaders in quality and customer service. With performance so responsive they are able to offer same-day service in the Melbourne metropolitan area, Big Cut Sawing is the one-stop answer for all your commercial concrete drilling needs.

Dedicated To Supplying The Best Concrete Drilling In Melbourne

The team of operators and specialists at Big Cut Sawing are its heart and soul. Competent, experienced, certified and innovative, these professionals possess a comprehensive understanding of the concrete drilling business. More importantly, however, is their understanding and appreciation of customer service. Customer satisfaction equals employee satisfaction. Feedback is always encouraged, as well, because Big Cut is constantly improving its famous, personalised approach to every project. If there is any way for the company to improve and grow, Big Cut is interested and takes every measure and effort to heart.

Big Cut Sawing encapsulates this mentality 365 days a year. There can be no lapses in judgment, safety or professionalism when dealing with such high production jobs as industrial concrete drilling in Melbourne. This attests to their sterling reputation and uncanny ability to handle any challenge. Vertical, horizontal, off-camber and inverted surfaces can all be drilled with absolute precision. Any job. Any time. Anywhere. This is the beauty of concrete drilling when Big Cut Sawing is charged with the task. Their core drilling leaves clean, precise and finished openings, regardless of how heavily reinforced the concrete happens to be. This means that when Big Cut has satisfied with your drilling needs, you’re ready to move on to the next phase of the project. This is an underrated aspect of all construction work. When Big Cut Sawing finishes a project, the project is truly finished. There is never a need to waste time and money applying the necessary touches.

Big Cut Sawing’s Secret to Client Success

One of the biggest concerns of commercial concrete drilling in Melbourne is power. By power, we mean electricity. Every project looks easy when you’re walking the ground the scouting the work. But this is where inexperienced companies run into trouble. Fortunately for Melbourne, Big Cut Sawing is equipped with a complete fleet of technologically advanced equipment. If commercial walls need to be cut, Big Cut can do it. If industrial concrete needs to be sawed, Big Cut has the ability to cut at unlimited depths. If power is not available, Big Cut can bring in one of its 9 KVA to 65 KVA generators to provide all of the portable power you would ever need. Big Cut Sawing’s success has allowed it to expand its services throughout Victoria and beyond. At the end of the day, Big Cut Sawing is the most experienced and professional full-service cutting and drilling operation in Melbourne and throughout Victoria.

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