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Industrial Core Drilling In Melbourne Relies On Big Cut Sawing & Drilling

Anytime you’re dealing with industrial, commercial or civil construction projects, you want to know you have an experienced company – with an experienced crew – you can rely on. Big Cut Sawing & Drilling brings over 25 years of industry experience to the core drilling business. From industrial core drilling to commercial demolition, Big Cut Sawing & Drilling has been building its reputation on fast, safe and reliable service in the Melbourne and Victoria metropolitan areas. Drilling projects on tight deadlines even benefit from same-day service, which can make all the difference when plans need impromptu contributions.

Over 25 Years Of Industry Experience In The Core-Drilling And Concrete-Cutting Business.

One of Big Cut Sawing & Drilling’s strongest core drilling attributes is its range and diversity. This begins with the fundamentals. Big Cut Sawing & Drilling does not believe a project can be too small and enjoys extending its commercial core drilling abilities to the residential and skilled-trade Melbourne community. With the ability to drill narrow diameter holes at unlimited depths, Big Cut Sawing & Drilling is the perfect choice for more intricate or residential projects. Homes do not pose any of the traditional problems for Big Cut Sawing & Drilling. The company has invested in both electric and hydraulic drills, which enables them to work in virtually any environment, regardless of noise limits or space constraints. Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, Big Cut Sawing & Drilling has an experienced team of operators. Their operators are not only equipped with years of experience, but they are also confined-space certified and fully insured. This attests to their commitment to safety and their aspiration to offer full-service commercial core drilling in Melbourne.

Of course, on the other end of the spectrum we have the heavy-duty projects. These include large-scale industrial, commercial and civil projects. Big Cut Sawing & Drilling is equally comfortable and prepared for this scale of work, as well. Whereas Big Cut offers millimetre-precision on one end of the scale, they offer industrial core drilling in Melbourne as large as 1 metre in diameter. In other words, this is as big as it gets. And with the ability to drill to unlimited depths regardless of core size, Big Cut Sawing & Drilling sets the standard for the hardest, toughest jobs.

For Core Drilling In Melbourne, Big Cut Sawing & Drilling Is The Preferred Solution

Needless to say, some projects require more than just technologically advanced equipment (although Big Cut Sawing & Drilling has plenty of that). Some projects require a keen eye, an innovative approach and an experienced skill set that knows how to solve any problem. This is where Big Cut’s team of specialists stands apart. There is no problem they can’t solve. There is no obstacle they can’t outsmart. Whether surfaces are vertical, horizontal, angled, stepped or even inverted, the professionals at Big Cut Sawing & Drilling can produce perfectly circular drill holes with accuracy and precision. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of all of this is that Big Cut Sawing & Drilling personalises every experienced and is determined to meet time frame and budget needs.

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