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For The Best In Commercial And Industrial Concrete Cutting In Melbourne, Choose Big Cut Sawing & Drilling

With over 25 years of industry experience, Big Cut Sawing & Drilling prides itself on supplying industrial concrete cutting to the Melbourne metro region with reliable and affordable same-day service. Beginning in 2001, the company’s growing reputation allowed it to undertake projects that expanded its services to Victoria and greater Australia, where it continues to flourish today.

The Source For Commercial Concrete Cutting in Melbourne

Concrete cutting in Melbourne is not for the faint of heart, which is why seasoned experts manage Big Cut Sawing & Drilling and operators who can handle commercial, residential, industrial and even civil projects. The professionals at Big Cut Sawing & Drilling are the heart and soul of every operation. They go the extra mile. They give 200 percent. They are honest craftsmen who do not believe in excuses. They know only one thing: results matter.

An incredible team needs incredible equipment it can rely on, which is why Big Cut Sawing & Drilling only uses the most technologically advanced equipment on every commercial and industrial project, regardless of location, size or difficulty. Trucks, excavators, bobcats, scissor lifts, scaffolding and enormous 9 and 65 KVA generators are all vital components of the Big Cut fleet.

If you don’t have power or are far from an electrical source, that’s not a problem. 9 and 65 KVA generators enable Big Cut to provide power even when power is not available. And this says nothing of the latest saw concrete cutting and core drilling machinery. But the combination of world-class expertise and equipment is only the beginning of what distinguishes Big Cut Sawing & Drilling.

Handling Commercial and Industrial Concrete Cutting In Melbourne

From wall cutting to core drilling, and from sawing to scanning work, there is no concrete problem that cannot be solved. Furthermore, there is no problem than cannot be solved within the strictest time frames and budgets, whether it’s a cutting out doorways in Melbourne or boring one-metre holes in Victoria. The company is passionate about its role in the community and offers nothing but the safest and most reliable service, all while creating affordable and personalised solutions.

Big Cut Sawing & Drilling realises that happy, satisfied clients are the key to success. While world-class equipment gets the job done, it’s the people who matter most. The company has not flourished for 25 years because it leaves clients unsatisfied. The company has flourished because it provides an unparalleled level of customer service, reliability and professionalism. The company has flourished because it takes the time to understand every client’s needs, to evaluate every possible option and to implement the best plan for every occasion.

Big Cut Sawing & Drilling simply offers the best commercial concrete cutting in Melbourne. It has a local tradition, forward-thinking management, all-star operators, state of the art equipment and an unrelenting desire to over-achieve. It has always been about more than cutting concrete. Big Cut Sawing & Drilling has always tried – and succeeded – at making Melbourne proud.

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