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Big Cut Sawing are the concrete cutting Geelong Experts. Call today to talk with an expert and discuss your concrete cutting Geelong project. For cheap, fast and reliable concrete cutting Geelong, for this reason, you need Big Cut Sawing. Servicing the multiple industries and providing over 30 years of experience and knowledge to the industry. That is to say, we will provide you with consultation and expert advise and a solution to the demands of any project. Providing road sawing of slabs and various pavements, track and wall sawing to depths in excess of 600mm and wire sawing to unlimited depths.

With the versatility to provide any type of concrete cutting Geelong, core drilling, concrete sawing or concrete scanning service. Moreover a willingness to take on jobs in all mining, water treatment plants, industrial and civil sectors. In other words there is simply no concrete cutting Geelong project too big or complex for us to manage and deliver. With our experienced operators and advanced sawing and drilling technology, we look forward to helping you with your concrete removal project.

Fast, Innovative and Reliable Concrete Cutting

It’s important to realise that we are the concrete cutting Geelong experts. With the versatility to provide any type of concrete cutting, core drilling, concrete sawing or concrete scanning service. Above all, with the willingness to have involvement in all mining, commercial, industrial and civil sectors. Most importantly there is simply no concrete cutting project to big or complex for us to be involved with. With our experienced operators and advanced sawing and drilling technology, being fast and reliable enables all of our clients to benefit with saving time and money, every time.

Up to the present time, we have been servicing the Geelong region for over 30 years. When you need to cut through heavily reinforced mass concrete structures, you’re requiring our wire sawing capabilities. Industrial and commercial wire sawing projects include bridge and pier demolition, foundation cutting, heavy-duty wall sawing and reinforced concrete removal. These projects cannot be handled by anything other than a wire saw, which has the unique characteristic of being able to cut to unlimited depths. FIND OUT MORE

Capability and Industry Concrete Cutting Experience

wire sawing melbourneWire sawing is accomplished using the most technologically advanced equipment. This is also the most efficient way to remove large, commercial concrete structures. Big Cut’s wire saws utilise a multi-strand diamond┬ácable that is run through a series of heavy-duty pulleys. This creates a continuously looped sawing action, with little to no vibration, extremely low noise volumes, and the ability to handle wet locations where water slurry is a concern.

Concrete cutting in Geelong has been relied on us for over 30 years. The company has a broad range of experience in concrete demolition, in the industrial, commercial and even residential sectors. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, the removal of internal walls, commercial renovations, excavations, strip outs, bank vaults, staircases, tennis courts and swimming pool removal. If you can think of it, Big Cut Sawing can demolish it. And once it has been demolished, Big Cut is equally prepared for professional and safe removal. FIND OUT MORE

Same Day Service In Geelong

ring sawing melbourneConcrete cutting Geelong is one of the most common practices of our team. Slab saws can cut through roads, suspended bridges and even everyday concrete slab projects. This enables the fastest, most reliable and safest concrete removal. Of course, some projects require equipment in addition to slab sawing, and for these Big Cut Sawing is prepared, as well. With electric and hydraulic bursting, hammering and removal devices, any demolition requirement can be met.

With any construction project, safety is a concern. This is why we employee specialists who have years of knowledge and experience. No project is too big or too small, and Big Cut Sawing prides itself on believing there is no problem that cannot be solved. Clients throughout Geelong enjoy same-day service. For fast, safe and reliable service at a competitive price, Big Cut Sawing is Geelong’s preferred choice for concrete cutting Geelong.


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