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Wire Sawing Canberra

Wire sawing Canberra is provided by the experts at Big Cut Sawing. Using special wire and innovative machinery that are capable of sawing through heavily reinforced concrete structures like bridges, columns, bored piers and various mass concrete structures. All these aspects are handled by the industry leaders of Big Cut Sawing.

The Benefits of Diamond Wire Cutting

In masonry and construction, this form of wire cutting is invaluable for removing large concrete structures that could not feasibly be cut or extricated in another way. In particular, diamond wire sawing is useful for removing foundations, bridges, piers, walls and other complex structures without having to destroy them. The resulting removal is cleaner and more efficient than demolition or other forms of sawing or cutting—thanks largely to the hardness of the diamond dust.

Another huge benefit of using an industrial diamond wire cutter is the comparative manoeuvrability of the diamond wires. Other types of saws or industrial cutters can be difficult to use in confined spaces or for awkwardly shaped structures, simply because it is difficult to manoeuvre the blades into a functional position. Since industrial wire cutters use flexible diamond-beaded wires, the wires can easily be wrapped around a structure regardless of shape, size, material or thickness. A system of pulleys then produces a loop with the diamond wire cutting saw, thereby allowing even the most difficult cuts to be made cleanly and easily.

Introducing Big Cut Sawing

If your business is looking to execute a large-scale structure removal in Australia, and you have determined that a diamond wire sawing apparatus is your best bet for getting a clean and manageable cut, then Big Cut Sawing can help. With 25 years of knowledge, experience and success in this industry, we are the company to call if you have a concrete or steel cutting problem that demands an innovative solution.

Big Cut Sawing services all throughout Victoria while also choosing select projects throughout other parts Australia. With three office locations we have been able to expand our reach and help more clients. If we are awarded your project, you can expect an honest and reliable service, with safety as a priority and competitive pricing rates rounding out the package. Take a look around our website to learn more about our business.

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