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Big Cut Sawing & Drilling Remove Concrete in Melbourne

Do you have concrete that needs removed? Do you feel that big concrete project is too large and will be too expensive? You don’t have to put that concrete project off any longer. At Big Cut Sawing & Drilling we provide the manpower, machinery and muscle required to handle any sized concrete project. Not only are we fast and reliable but we efficiently demolish and remove concrete using the latest technology. We offer competitive pricing and the guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work every time.

Wire Sawing and Wire Cutting Services – Melbourne

In addition to basic concrete removal we also handle hydraulic bursting and hammering of concrete. This includes more than just the standard concrete patio slab or sidewalk. We can work with any and all concrete materials, from swimming pools to tennis courts. We also utilise wire cutting and sawing which we have found is one of the best ways to remove bulky concrete assemblies. Some of the bigger projects we have worked on include removing concrete bridges, piers thick walls and many complex commercial building structure with steel and heavily reinforced concrete.

Using the wire sawing technique allows us to get deep into the concrete for easy demolition, cutting and removal. We use both wire cutting and sawing to get fast and effective results. With these sawing skills, we are not limited to the depths we can reach within the concrete, and the wire cutting techniques deliver the kind of quality results our customers demand. This is a special technology that utilizes a ‘multi-strand diamond cable through a series of pulleys to produce a continuous looped cut’. The method yields a fantastic finished project, and we can avoid the unpleasant consequences of wire sawing and cutting such as vibrations and high noise volumes. That is what makes these approaches so appealing and the perfect choice for concrete removal in confined spaces. Big Cut Sawing & Drilling provides wire cutting and concrete services for all of Melbourne.

Local Company Provides Melbourne Residents with Quality Concrete Services

Big Cut Sawing & Drilling has been providing quality concrete services to Australians in Melbourne since 2001. We are a local Melbourne based company that has the experience necessary to complete any concrete project. When we work with commercial, residential industrial and civil industries, we always making precision craftsmanship our focus. Our offer included craftsmen with the knowledge and training on the powerful equipment needed to finish your concrete work. We offer a dedicated staff with the skills and experience that make us a reliable resource in the concrete services industry. Our focus is to keep each of our job sites safe and provide a high level of personal customer service. Big Cut Sawing & Drilling makes sure you get treated well, and your satisfaction is guaranteed. At Big Cut Sawing & Drilling offers a unique service. We are dedicated to our customer and ‘strive to give 200% on every job we commit to’.

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