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At Big Cut Sawing & Drilling, we often use the phrase ‘concrete sawing’ as an umbrella term to describe most of the services we offer. However, concrete sawing can actually mean a number of different things, depending on the concrete that needs cutting, the size and scope of the project, the accessibility of the concrete that needs to be cut, the detail required for the cut and numerous other factors.

With the versatile and varied nature of concrete sawing, we have decided to offer a brief rundown of the different types of concrete sawing that Big Cut can perform in Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle and throughout numerous other markets in Australia. Use this information to decide whether or not we can help you with your project—be it a small-scale home renovation or a massive public works project involving a wharf or dam.

Types of Concrete Sawing Available in Newcastle

Hand Sawing: In situations too confined for larger saws, Big Cut uses hydraulic hand saws to slice through concrete. Hand saws are also commonly used for cutting out doors or windows in concrete structures. These types of concrete sawing demand a fair amount of detail and precision that larger saws can’t always provide.

Chain Sawing: As with hand sawing, chainsaws are usually used for specialty situations where detailed, precise cuts are required. While hand saws are used for doors or windows, chainsaws are often our go-to for air and heating vents.

Wall Sawing: For larger sawing projects where precision is still demanded, but hand saws and chainsaws cannot provide the appropriate depth, Big Cut uses remote control wall saws. These circular saw blades can be track mounted both horizontally and vertically and are capable of cutting through thick, heavily reinforced concrete.

Road Sawing: Usually pushed along by a technician—in the way you might push a lawn mower—road saws are powerful and heavy-duty pieces of machinery that can cut deep down into concrete or asphalt. Usually, these saws are equipped with diamond-beaded blades, with the hardness of the diamonds helping to cut through even the most durable materials. Road saws can be used for concrete removal, for cutting trenches into the pavement (for electrical cables, plumbing and construction joints) and for numerous other purposes.

Wire Saws: For projects where no other saw will work—whether because of size or limited access—wire saws are the solution. At Big Cut Sawing & Drilling, we use wire saws for our biggest projects, from cutting through extremely thick walls to removing foundations, piers or bridges. These systems are made up of diamond-beaded wires and a pulley system, which create a continuous loop that can slice through even the largest or most awkwardly shaped concrete structures.

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