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Industrial Concrete Saw Cutting In Melbourne: Big Cut Sawing & Drilling

Most construction companies do not lay concrete with Big Cut Sawing & Drilling in mind. Concrete is often laid so that is creates difficult spaces to work in and technically complex projects for any future cutting. But that’s just the way Big Cut Sawing & Drilling likes it. With a diverse team of specialists and a plethora of the world’s most advanced equipment, Big Cut is the premier choice for concrete saw cutting in Melbourne.

Handling the toughest concrete saw cutting in Melbourne for over 25 years.

For commercial or industrial projects that require extreme attention to detail, Big Cut Sawing & Drilling has hand saw experts who use 3-phase and hydraulic saws to make cuts in even the tightest, most confined spaces. Whether its areas where larger machinery is inaccessible or fine detailing work, such as cutting out window openings, Big Cut Sawing & Drilling delivers deft concrete saw cutting at up to 150mm with hand saws.

Deeper saw cutting is accomplished with ring saws, which also come in 3-phase and hydraulic configurations. Typically used in conjunction with hand saws, ring saws enable the expert operators at Big Cut Sawing & Drilling to make detailed cuts at depths up to 270mm. But sometimes commercial concrete saw cutting in Melbourne requires something even larger. For extremely thick industrial concrete, Big Cut Sawing & Drilling can provide accurate and precise cuts at depths up to 400mm with its revolutionary chain saws. These chain saws eliminate the need for over cuts (that is, cuts that overlap as a result of a large, circular blade). This means that your air vents and windows can be cut in perfect squares, without lines extending beyond the cut area.

The answer to Melbourne’s diverse needs for industrial concrete saw cutting.

Of Course, industrial concrete saw cutting in Melbourne often requires cuts to go deeper than 400mm. For these projects, Big Cut Sawing & Drilling invested in state-of-the-art, track mounted, remote controlled wall sawing operating systems. These marvels of modern engineering can safely cut through up to 800mm of heavily reinforced concrete. Regardless of the surface – horizontal, vertical, inverted, stepped, uneven – Big Cut Sawing & Drilling guarantees absolute precision, safety, customer service and satisfaction.

But for some commercial Melbourne projects, you need a saw that can cut at unlimited depths. For the truly industrial, commercial and civil-grade projects, Big Cut Sawing & Drilling uses wire saws, the most efficient way to remove large concrete structures. These can be foundations, bridges, piers, thick walls and even complex concrete structures that are reinforced with heavy steel. The wire saw uses an ingenious design of multi-strand diamond cable that rotates on a series of heavy-duty pulleys. Not only can wire saws cat at unlimited depth, but they do so with minimal noise and vibration, making them ideal for confined or wet spaces.

Saw cutting in Melbourne is safer, faster and more reliable because of Big Cut Sawing & Drilling. But arguably the best aspect of the company is their ability to still provide personlised service at an affordable price. Need same-day services in Melbourne? Big Cut Sawing & Drilling can take care of that, too.

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