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At Big Cut Sawing & Drilling we use the latest technology and equipment to provide Wire Sawing Mackay with the greatest service to our clients in the Mackay area. We are specialists in several popular concrete services including demolition of large concrete structures for the construction and mining industries. As such, we also handle large commercial projects (including dams and water treatment plants) as well as road renovation projects. If you have a project that requires wire cutting Mackay or wire sawing Mackay, we will gladly take it on and you will be confident knowing our staff is well-versed in the operation of our technologically advanced equipment. Our experience with large and small structures includes work on swimming pools, exterior perimeter walls and even retaining walls of mass structure.

The Right Equipment Equals Timely Projects – Mackay

Have you ever tried to open a can without a can opener? It’s not easy and certainly not very effective. By the time you get the can opened you have likely spent more time than the can cost and lost your appetite! We know that your time is valuable and that using the right equipment and tools is a great measure of tracking the timeliness of projects. Using the proper equipment is important to get the job done. That’s why at Big Cut Sawing & Drilling, we ensure that each of our employees are qualified to use the proper equipment for your project. Each of our staff has the skills and experience to operate the industry’s standard equipment as well as the specialised equipment necessary for wire sawing and wire cutting work efficiently. Our craftsmen also have access to the best resources along with appropriate training. We are confident that ‘our success is measured by the continuing endorsement and satisfaction of our clients’.

Customer Service and Safety in Mackay

We take pride in our wire cutting and wire sawing skills and we stand by our promises. When we provide you with a timeline for a project, we will deliver the project on time. We adhere to strict industry health and safety standards and access each job’s potential hazards and risks before the project begins. Our staff know from experience that potential hazards are site-specific so each job is treated as unique. We do our best to identify potential safety concerns for each site and thoroughly with the employees assigned to that job. You can count on our experience, safety standards and quality.

The range of services that we offer to Mackay residents and business is vast, but our goals remain constant – to provide our customers with the best service and quality in the Mackay area. We don’t think this goal is too lofty because when it comes to your customer satisfaction it matters. Unlike our competitors, we have the experience, knowledge and technologically advanced equipment to solve your concrete problems. We gladly accept any job no matter how big or how small so call us today for a quote on your wire cutting or wire sawing project.

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