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Concrete Cutting Bendigo

Big Cut Sawing are the concrete cutting Bendigo Experts. For reliable and fast service, call the today too talk with an expert. Providing over 30 years of concrete cutting Bendigo experience and knowledge to the industry. From consultation to delivery, with expert advise and a solution to the demands of our clients requirements. Providing road sawing of slabs and roadways, track and wall sawing to depths of 600mm and wire sawing to unlimited depths. Call today to talk with an expert and discuss your concrete cutting Bendigo project. FIND OUT MORE

Advanced Sawing And Drilling Services

With the versatility to provide any type of concrete cutting, core, drilling, sawing or concrete scanning service. Particularly a willingness to take on jobs in all industrial, commercial, residential and civil sectors. In other words, there simply is no concrete cutting Bendigo project too big or small, we cut them all. From our experienced employees to our innovative advanced sawing and drilling technology, we look forward to helping you on your project. FIND OUT MORE

A Commitment to Safety

In an industry that uses as much heavy-duty machinery as concrete cutting does, having an unbreakable commitment to safety is a must. In particular, diamond wire cutting—a common type of concrete cutting process—can be dangerous. The wire saws—while highly useful because of their flexibility, manoeuvrability and strength—can snap and whip, thereby creating a workplace safety hazard.

With attention to safety, we take the risks of using diamond wire saws seriously. We recognise that the equipment is potentially dangerous. With attention to detail, we strive to protect our workers and those on site at all times. Our OH&S measures are site specific requiring the appropriate measures to eliminate incidentals and minimise hazards and risks.

Once work begins, the commitment to safety still holds strong. It’s important to realise that all employees understand that reducing risks on site involves committing to safe work behaviours. Consulting with site supervisors on a regular basis and reporting any potential safety hazards is paramount.  Additionally, cooperating with other workers on site to ensure a safe project pipeline from end to end.  FIND OUT MORE

Fast, Reliable And Cheap Concrete Cutters in Bendigo

Meanwhile, having the core and saw capabilities to consult, manage and deliver to all our concrete cutting Bendigo client requirements. We guarantee you will save time and save money. Reliability, innovation and a wealth of industry knowledge allows us to deliver and provide our customers with a level of service that the competition is unable to. Subsequently this provides all customers with the advise and satisfaction that they deserve. Call today to talk with an expert and discuss your project requirements. FIND OUT MORE

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